DID Wood Filler Tub 500g - Brown, White

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Ready Mixed Wood Filler is formulated for both interior and exterior applications, suitable for all types of repairs including window frames, skirtings, doors etc., where an element of flexibility is required.

The product gives good adhesion and flexibility when dry and can be stained, varnished or painted, essential when used outdoors. Available in Brown or White.

Product Details: 

  • Brand: DID
  • Size: 500g 
  • Available Colours: Brown and White 
    • Brown: 
      • SKU: HW5857
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    • White:
      •  SKU: HW5858
      • Product Code: 5056340000000

The DID Wood Filler is suitable for interior and exterior repairs to doors, window frames, skirting boards and other wooden surfaces that have cracks or decays.


Prepare Surfaces.

The idea application temperature is between 5 Degree C – 40 Degree C. Ensure substrates are clean, dry and without grease and dust.


Stir well apply directly from the tub with a spatula or spreader. Push the filler into the gap or hole with maximum depth of 9mm. For deeper cavities and gaps. The DID Wood Filler can be applied in layers and allow each to dry. After applications, do not saturate the surface as this can delay drying.


Clean tools after applications with water. Sealant should be cleaned with water and soap before curing.