Stainless Steel 225mm Wall Ties - Type 4, Pack of 250

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  • Size:  9mm x 225mm
  • Length: 225mm
  • Type: Wall Tie
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Pack Size: 250  (Available in a box of 250 or sold singularly)

These Type 4 Wall Ties are ideal for installing across cavities and embedding in mortar for brickwork.

With a profile that can be used freely and installed either side up, these stainless steel ties are sturdy and reliable, as well as British Board of Agreement (BBA) and NHBC approved. This ensures that your wall ties will work to high standards. 



The tie in a cavity wall is a component that connects the interior and exterior walls made of bricks or cement blocks, allowing the two components to function as a single unit. It is inserted into the cavity wall during construction and spans the space.

The ends of the tie are intended to hold into the mortar. The tie's design also includes a system for limiting water transfer from the outer to inner leaves.



Wall ties should be pressed down in and then surrounded by fresh mortar.


To ensure cavity wall ties are effective at tying the leaves together they should be installed as the inner leaf is constructed and not simply pushed into a join.

Ties should be installed with a slight fall to the outer leaf, never towards the inner leaf as this could provide a path for moisture to cross the cavity.

In other types of cavity wall construction, such as thin-joint, blockwork and timber or steel frames, wall ties are typically installed after the inner leaf has been constructed and during the build of the outer leaf of masonry.