Bond It Contractors PVA Adhesive & Sealer, 5 Litre

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Product Details: 

  • Brand: Bond It 
  • Volume: 5 L
  • SKU: BDAC5
  • Product Code: 5060021364890

Key Features:

A bonding agent, primer, dust-proofer, and sealer with high solids and good performance. Enhances adherence and reduces plaster and cement cracking. Seals and primes porous materials. It dries quickly, is strong, and has an extremely high bond strength.

  • Fast drying.
  • Plaster primer, porous surface primer and sealer.
  • Rendering key coat.
  • General Admixture.
  • Dust sealer.
  • General purpose adhesive for bonding all common construction materials.
  • Phthalate Free formulation.
  • It is also a readily dilatable primer for sealing applications or addition to cement and plaster to improve adhesion and cure.
  • High solids content compared with other contractor grades.


  • Can be used with plaster, cement, timber, gypsum wall boards and paper.
  • Suitable as a primer for renderings, for bonding new plaster to old plaster, on porous brick, stone, floor tiles and new plasterboard.


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