Build IT Postfix (Postcrete) 20kg Bag

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Buildit postmix is a premixed ready to use product composed of a selected blend of cements and aggregates. Also known as rapid-set or fast-setting cement, is a versatile and efficient construction material widely used in various building and repair applications such as fence posts, anchoring poles or signs, repairing cracks or potholes in concrete surfaces and creating small concrete structures.

 Product Details:

  • Brand: Buildit
  • Bag Size: 20kg Bag 
  • SKU: PM20

Key Features:

  • Its quick-setting properties make it highly suitable for projects that require immediate load-bearing or structural integrity such as urgent repair jobs or when working in cold weather conditions where longer curing times can be a challenge.
  • Post Mix cement also offers excellent strength and durability. Once fully cured, it forms a strong bond and provides a solid foundation or repair solution. It can withstand heavy loads, resist cracking, and endure various weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Moreover, using Post Mix cement is relatively simple and convenient. The pre-blended nature of the mixture eliminates the need for precise on-site mixing, saving time and effort. The consistency of the mix is carefully designed to ensure reliable and consistent results.


  • It is a specially designed fast setting concrete, ideally suited to erecting all types of posts - Mix with water (detailed instructions are printed on the bag).
  • Postmix Concrete will start to set between 5 to 10 minutes and will typically give a strength of more than 20N/mm2 after 28 days.
  • Do not use when the ground is frozen or ambient temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius.