Marksman White Masking Tape in size 48mmx25m, 24mmx50m, 48mmx50m

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Product Details: 

  • Brand: Marksman
  • Available Sizes: 48mmx25m, 24mmx50m, 48mmx50m
    • 48mm x 25m
      • SKU: 72131C
      • Barcode: 5038673721316
    • 24mm x 50m
      • SKU: 72030C
      • Barcode: 5038673720302
    • 48mm x 50m
      • SKU: 72124C 
      • Barcode: 5038673721248

    Key Features:

    The Marksman White Masking Tape is necessary for painting and decorating projects that require absolutely straight lines. In addition, it hold, bundle, seal, and mask non-critical places around the house.

    • Easy to rip, apply, and remove.
    • The Marksman White Masking Tape adheres well to all surfaces and can be easily removed without leaving any sticky residue.
    • Ideal for use with the majority of conventional paints and varnishes.