Make Good Quick Dry Bonding plaster, 25kg Bag

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Ideal for use on low suction backgrounds with little mechanical key such as. concrete, dense aggregate concrete blocks or metal lathing. This product dries white making it possible to carefully smooth it off/polish it to a finish that doesn’t require any skim or filler over the top.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Make Good
  • Container Type: Bag
  • Product Weight: 25kg
  • Type: Quick Dry
  • Product SKU: MGQDB01
  • Product Code: 5060370711895

Key Features:

  • Working time of 45 minutes, set time of 60 minutes & ready to skim in 75 minutes making it perfect for quick jobs.
  • Product has a "use by date" on the packaging.
  • Minimal shrinkage.
  • Full Grain Water Repellent Leather.
  • Accepts Up to 3.25" (82mm) Belts.