ARBO® Lead Seal S - Silicone Sealant Grey - 310ml

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Arbo Lead Seal S is a high quality, solvent free, low modulus silicone sealant. Based on neutral curing technology to prevent corrosive attack of lead and other metals, Arbo Lead Seal S is an easy to use alternative to mortaring lead flashings into brickwork and other masonry substrates.

Arbo Lead Seal S is approved by the Lead Contractors Association.

Product Details: 

  • Brand: Arbo
  • Volume: 310 ml Cartridge
  • Type: Low Modulus Silicone Sealant to ISO11600 F/G 25 LM
  • Colour: Grey 


  • Recommended:
    • Recommended for sealing and jointing of lead sheet and flashings.
    • Recommended for pointing into brickwork, masonry and other stonework.
    • Unlike standard mortar, Arbo Lead Seal S is highly flexible and will not dry out, crack and become brittle over time. Arbo Lead Seal S cures to give a durable, watertight bond.
    • Product can be applied using a standard caulking gun for ease of application.
  • Not Recommended: 
    • Overpainting

Technical Details: