Johnstones matt 2.5L

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Johnstone's Matt Emulsion provides a smooth, rich and non-reflective finish, perfect for a contemporary look and to hide surface imperfections.

Key Features:
Fantastic coverage
Easy to apply
Available in a wide range of colours

Preparation and Application:
Ensure all surfaces to be painted are clean, dry and free from grease. Remove any loose or flaking paint. Rub down sound glossy surfaces with fine waterproof abrasive paper and rinse thoroughly to provide a key. Avoid the inhalation of dust - wear a suitable face mask if dry sanding.

Stir the paint well before use. For best results apply by brush, roller or paint pad. When using a roller, use a medium pile synthetic type. If using a brush or paint pad load generously with paint and apply liberally and evenly, avoid overspreading. Two coats are recommended on all surfaces. If painting over a strong or contrasting colour a further coat may be required. Ensure good ventilation during application and drying.