Johnstones Damp White

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Johnstones Damp White

This high opacity paint helps cover up damp and therefore is ideal for use on plaster, brickwork, cement and even stone. It is formulated for safeguarding against damp seeping through the final decoration and can be over coated with your own choice of emulsion.

This tin of paint will cover approximately 4m² depending on the nature of the surface, as well as its porosity too. This paint will normally be completely dry anywhere between 14-16 hours, only then can it be over coated.

The best way to use this product is to clean up any areas in which you intend to paint and remove as much of the previous paint as you can either using a hand sander or a wire brush. Next, apply the paint liberally to the area, with one coat normally being sufficient. Wait to dry for the appropriate time. Apply the overcoat of your choice.


  • High opacity paint to cover damp is ideal for use on plaster, brickwork, cement and stone. Formulated to safeguard against damp seeping through the final decoration, it can be over-coated with your choice of Johnstone’s emulsion product
  • Easy to use
  • Dry time: 14-16 hours
  • Coverage (Per litre): 3 m²
  • Note: Do not overspread the product, remove and clean any surface contamination, and ensure the reason for the damp is fixed. Follow the back of tin instructions on the letter. Item doesn't have an expiry date