Bartoline Ready to Use Instant Filler Tube, 330g

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330g Ready Mixed All Purpose Filler is ideal for repairing and filling cracks, gaps and holes in most common surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

It dries to a tough, weather-resistant surface that is smooth and easy to sand and is so strong that it will take screws and nails when fully set.

This quick-drying filler is essential for all wall preparation and gives a super smooth finish.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Bartoline 
  • Size: 330g Tube 
  • Physical State: Paste 
  • Colour: Dries White 
  • Odour: PVA Type
  • MPN/ SKU: 52729161
  • Barcode: 5010789729165 


  • Walls,
  • Ceilings,
  • Doors,
  • Skirtings and
  • Window Frames.


Ensure surfaces to be filled are clean, dry and dust free. Cover nails and screw heads with an oil-based primer to prevent rusting.


  • Work the tube well between fingers.
  • Remove cap and cut off tip of nozzle at a 45⁰ angle, gently squeeze product into area to be filled and level with a filling knife or scraper.
  • Once dry, smooth with sandpaper. In larger areas, apply filler in layers of no more than 6mm thick, allowing each layer to set before applying the next.
  • If used on exposed outside surfaces seal filler with an oil-based paint.
  • Protect from rain and water until sealed.
  • Do not use on surfaces regularly under water.

Cleaning & Storage:

  • Clean tools with water before filler sets hard.
  • After use, ensure cap is firmly replaced.