Concrete Gravel board - Plain and Rockface

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Product Details:

  • Steel reinforced.

  • Can be used as a retainer.
  • Keeps timber panel off the floor.
  • Rock Face or plain design.
    • Plain Concrete Gravel Board
      • Concrete Gravel Board Plain offer an attractive solution to preventing the wooden fence panels coming into direct contact with the ground and running the risk of deterioration from rot and attacks from insects.
      • SKU: 703

    • Rockface Concrete Gravel Board
      • Steel reinforced concrete rock face base panel’s (sometimes referred to as gravel boards) are a decorative panel to fit under wooden fences to prevent contact with the ground (rotting) or to keep back soil on different levels. However, they can also be built up on top of one another to form a solid concrete panel fence.
      • SKU: 705