6” Steel Cavity Lintel 8ft (2400mm)

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Product Details:

  • Width: 6" (152mm) 
  • Length: 8ft (2400mm) 
  • Material: Galvanised Steel
  • Product Code: HBMST720

Key Features:

  • Insulated
  • Corrosion resistance
  • One hour fire rating
  • Meets BBA standards


  • This steel lintel is used in general building applications to bridge across window or door openings in single skin solid wall construction applications.
  • The Cavity Lintels support and distribute the weight above the installed lintel.
  • Made from steel with insulation foam in-between the two flanges to improve thermal performance.
  • Manufactured from high quality galvanised steel which offers excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Suitable for standard loads.