Boss Universal Multi Purpose Pipe Jointing Compound 500g

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BOSS Universal is a multi purpose jointing compound, suitable for both hot and cold water pipes, it will help to provide a watertight seal around any pipe joints, providing a long lasting seal. It is a non-poisonous pipe jointing compound which is clean and easy to apply.

Product Details: 

  • Brand: Boss 
  • Size: 500g 
  • Type: Jointing Compound
  • SKU/ MPN: 844105191

Key Features: 

  • WRAS registered as suitable for cold potable water applications.
  • Suitable for use in gas installation work as defined by BS EN 751-2:1997.
  • BOSS™ Universal can then be used to prevent weepage.
  • Do not use Hemp with this product. It is not required for an effective seal and is illegal on Potable Water systems.


The BOSS universal compound acts as a lubricant whilst the joint is being assembled and tightened and does not set hard enabling easy dismantling for subsequent alterations to the pipework.

The compound is suitable for use on taper threaded connections made from mild or stainless steel, malleable iron, brass, bronze, copper, other metals, fibreglass and PVC. Not suitable for ABS or CPVC connections.