OSB3 Board (L)2.44m (W)1.22m (T)18mm

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Product Details: 

  • Location: Internal and External
  • Material: OSB 3
  • Pack Quantity: 1 .
  • Product Length: 2440mm
  • Product Width: 1220mm 
  • Product Thickness: 18mm 
  • Product Weight: 31050g 
  • Standard: EN 13986:2004 
  • Timber Grade: Grade 3 
  • Barcode: 3663602840268

Key Features: 

OSB3 is a load-bearing, engineered wood panel product that is void- and knot-free and appropriate for use in humid structural applications.

  • Flexible and long-lasting.
  • Its construction is similar to plywood's, with the wood fibres stacked against one other to provide it rigidity and strength.
  • For use in basic construction tasks involving timber. This board is suitable for roofing, wall sheathing, load bearing, and stiffening.
  • FSC Certified.